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teacher helping student with computer

技术 shapes how students view and move through the world every day. 

十大网赌平台推荐, we believe that technology should support student learning as seamlessly and efficiently as possible. We teach students to use devices, 平台, and media to advance their learning, to better communicate, and to become responsible digital citizens. 在十大网赌平台推荐的时候, you will have access to powerful educational technology that allows you to explore your interests in everything from podcasts to video editing to digital presentations and various project 平台. You will also learn appropriate digital etiquette and how to be a positive force in the community through various online 平台, such as social media accounts, 网站, 博客, 和更多的.

十大网赌平台推荐有一个 “Bring Your Own Apple Device” 程序. We are committed to digital equity and offer funding for students on financial aid to ensure everyone has access to a quality device and that no Branson student is at a technological disadvant年龄.

Our classrooms are also equipped with 整洁的酒吧 – incredibly powerful video conferencing devices that allow Branson teachers to bring guest lecturers, 专家, and alumni directly into the classroom, from anywhere in the world, 轻松.

Recently, we’ve become 专家 in 视频会议. Though we hope not to use remote learning in the future, we can quickly pivot now if needed. 家长会, 校友活动, 虚拟的讲座, and even 1:1 meetings with teachers or advisors are all available online and in person now, and we use Zoom meetings and webinars to keep our community connected.

Our 技术 哲学

 在十大网赌平台推荐, we select and use technological tools mindfully to support the educational goals and objectives of learning, 沟通, 数字公民, and technological competence.

Meet Our 技术 Team



Director of Education 技术 and Safety Coordinator
Director of Education 技术 and Safety Coordinator


Director of 技术 Operations

计算机科学 at Branson

photo of a laptop screen and science materials

了解更多 about Branson's 计算机科学 程序. 


在十大网赌平台推荐, all students have access to

  • Google Apps for Education
  • Microsoft Office products
  • High-speed internet access across campus 
  • Adobe Products (like InDesign, PhotoShop, and Acrobat) through sign-on accounts
  • Digital cameras (still and video)
  • Support equipment including document cameras, stor年龄 devices, connection hardware, etc.
  • Hardware support, including on-site repairs and corporate repairs